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Chat etiquette on Replay Poker

Personal Messaging, Game/Lobby Chat

We don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, offended, threatened or unsafe when they sit down at one of our tables. To this end, we have rules and expectations for types of words, phrases and/or images that are not acceptable to use when engaging in table or lobby chat and/or personal messaging. Positive comments, praise and encouragement are always welcome, but we do ask that you DO NOT engage in any of the following types of PHRASING:

  • Profanity, vulgarity or obscenities, retaliation or provocation
  • Harassment, threats, hate chat, references to terrorism
  • Racism or ethnic slurs, religious or political rhetoric
  • Advocate or promote drugs or illegal activities, revealing pocket cards while hand is being played
  • Sexual content/links to porn sites, references to pedophilia
  • Insult, criticize or mock, make false/frivolous reports, hack or “bash” the site, cheating
  • Name calling, personal attacks on players or their family members, perverse remarks
  • General rudeness, taunting, rude impatience, flooding chat line, shouting in all caps

Politics and Religion

Please consider that the poker table is not an appropriate venue for political or religious comments. These are highly emotional topics, and there are other places better suited for these kinds of conversations.

Foreign Languages

It's important to note that we are an international site, and we have players from all over the world. We do not discriminate against players who use languages other than English for their chats, but the same rules and penalties apply to all languages.

Time Clock

A time clock is provided for every player on every hand of poker. At Replay Poker, we believe each player should have adequate time to make a play based on their personal strategy. Some players need more time than others. We ask that all players be patient and not make rude comments or post a series of “z”s in the chat line to express their impatience. We also ask players not to use the time clock as a method to retaliate against or provoke others. Intentionally running out the clock slows the game and makes the experience unpleasant and painfully boring for all players.

For more information, please refer to our Community Playbook.