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Community Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is your general rule of thumb for chat etiquette and how to behave in the community. If you use common sense and treat people with respect, you won't have any issues. We've put together this handy HAVE FUN! list for you…

Feel free to DO these:

Hone your skills
Act respectfully and be considerate
Visit the forums
Encourage others and be a good gamer
Find friends
Understand poker rules and strategies
Notice and praise players’ skills
! !!!Have fun!!!

…and a second handy list of PHRASING that sums up chat violations…

But DON'T do these:

Profanity, vulgarity or obscenities, retaliation or provocation
Harassment, threats, hate chat, references to terrorism
Racism or ethnic slurs, religious or political rhetoric
Advocate or promote drugs or illegal activities, revealing pocket cards while hand is being played
Sexual content/links to porn sites, references to pedophilia
Insult, criticize or mock, make false/frivolous reports, hack or “bash” the site, cheating
Name calling, personal attacks on players or their family members, perverse remarks
General rudeness, taunting, rude impatience, flooding chat line, shouting in all caps

For more information, please refer to our Community Playbook.