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How do I earn achievements?

The best way to earn achievements is playing! Achievements are awarded based on what you do while you're playing at Replay Poker. If you want to rake them in, get out there and play some poker!

Here are a few examples to aim for:

  • Popular - Have at least 5 friends
  • On Fire - Defeat 3 or more players at showdown
  • Lucky - Reach level 5
  • Training Day - Play 10 Hands in a Row

Note: Hand achievements, like K-K-K-K or K-K-Q-Q, must be earned in Texas Hold'em. This is because it is significantly easier to get certain hands in Royal, which is played only with cards 10-J-Q-K-A, and in Omaha, where you're dealt four pocket cards. If you're missing a hand achievement, please check to see if the hand was played at a Royal or Omaha table before contacting Support.