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How do I purchase chips?

If you'd like to support the site and buy some play chips, you can do so by clicking the "Get Chips" button in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard.

You can also purchase chips while playing at a table by clicking the "Get Chips" button in the upper-left corner.

This takes you to a page where you can view your bank transactions, some ways to get free chips, and some methods for buying chips. To purchase chips, choose which way you'd like to pay:

Our default method of payment is Stripe. If you choose this method, all you need to do is select the chip package you'd like to purchase, click "Buy Now", and you'll get a small pop-up that looks like this:

This article goes into further detail about how Stripe purchasing works.

You may also purchase chips using PayPal, a secure third-party platform. Once you choose PayPal as the method of payment and choose a chip package, you'll be taken to the following page:

You don't need an account to buy chips, though it will make it easier if you want to make additional purchases through PayPal. You can also choose to link your bank account information, so a credit or debit card isn't required.

Our third option is SuperRewards. If you choose this method of payment, you'll see the following screen:

SuperRewards offers more payment flexibility, such as buying with your mobile phone, or virtual currency such as BitCoin.