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Reporting a player

Sometimes people stop playing nice, or just forget the rules. If you encounter a player that isn't living up to community standards, we have a few ways you can alert us.

Before you get started, consider a few tips and tricks:


Go to their profile directly and click Report Player on the right side of the page.

Game Table

Click the player's seat at the table and then click the icon with an exclamation point near the chat bubble.

After clicking either of these buttons, you will see a popup window appear. Select a reason for your report under 'Abuse type' and then enter a description about what happened. When you're done, click the Send Report button.

After you've submitted a report, our team will do our best to take action within 24 hours. If your report is urgent and requires immediate action, you can check to see if there is a moderator available and notify them of the situation using a personal message. 

Note: We don't discuss moderation actions with anyone but the account holder. We think everyone deserves a little privacy. ;) Rest assured that we take all reports seriously and will investigate your issue.