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How the check/fold option works

Located in the upper left of the client box in the bottom right corner of every game table, the Check/Fold option enables you to pre-select how you wish to respond to other players' actions during a hand.

By clicking the "Check/fold" option, you are pre-selecting the action you wish to take when the betting round returns to you, including:

  • Check to another player's action, meaning you do not wish to increase a bet you have previously made, including a Big Blind. The "Check" option is only available if no other previous player has made a bet or raise. (Note: If you are considering calling a raise, you should click on the "Check" option rather than the "Check/fold" option.)
  • Fold to another player's Raise, meaning you do not want to call a player's Raise amount and have pre-selected the "Fold" option if a raise does occur. The system automatically folds your hand when the table orbit reaches your seat.