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I won chips. Where are they?

You've won at a table and you leave, triumphant, only to find that your chip total has not increased at all and that your chips are still missing! What happened? Why is your chip total wrong?

In ring games, chips in-play are not counted in your chip total, so your total will not include chips in-play. If you leave the table with chips at the end of a hand, they will be added back to your chip total immediately, but it may not seem that way. Sometimes it can take a few moments for your chip total to update with the new amount once you leave a table, but usually a refresh of the page forces it to update properly.

The same holds true for wins from MTTs and SnGs. If the tournament ends and you leave with winnings and find that they aren't instantly available in your chip total, a refresh of the page usually does the trick. Press the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh the page instantly.

Another way to force a chip total refresh is to log out of your Replay Poker account and log back in again. If refreshing the page doesn't work for you, you can try logging out here.

If you've tried refreshing the page and logging out/back in again and your chip total still has not updated, you may need to clear your browser's cache. Your browser saves old information in the form of cookies and in the cache which can cause your chip amount to look like it's not updating properly even though the chips are in your account. Go ahead and clear your browser's cache and cookies and your chip amount should start updating properly again. You can find detailed instructions on how to clear your cache here.