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Is Replay Poker fair?

We guarantee that the RNG we use in our poker software and our shuffling algorithm are 100% fair and random. These have both been independently tested and certified by a independent testing laboratory called Gaming Associates to the highest standards required for real money poker.

The dealer program has no regard for player history or what cards you've been dealt in the past, nor does it account for the cards that have been dealt previously at the table. On each hand, a new deck is created, then it is shuffled, and then it randomly generates each individual card as it is dealt to the player on the table. It does not calculate the types of hands that will be dealt and it certainly does not favor one player over another.

Our system does not take into account where players are sitting, hand history, spending history, chip amounts, player location, gender, moderation actions, or anything else. When you're dealing hundreds of thousands of hands every day, there's every likelihood of receiving patterns of hands that appear not to be random. In the same way as when playing roulette, you occasionally see long strings of black or red. It's all a part of the long tail distribution of possible outcomes.

Another factor to be aware of when playing online poker with play chips is that other players are more likely to play more freely with their chips than they would be at a physical table with real cash. Some players will go all-in frequently with their free chips or make large bets wildly. In some cases, these players have good luck in a hand and end up winning the hand. Rather than assuming that the player knew what was going to appear on the table, it's important to recognize that poker is a game of luck as much as it is one of skill and that everyone has good luck sometimes.