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The different types of tournaments on Replay Poker

Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments, also known as MTTs, are typically larger tournaments and they start at predetermined times. Before the tournament starts, players must first register to participate. This usually involves a "buy-in" (entry fee) although some tournaments are free to enter. Free tournaments are referred to as Freerolls. Default payouts for MTTs are five prizes for 30-39 entrants and seven prizes for 40-49 entrants.

You can view a complete list of available Multi-Table Tournaments in the MTT Lobby

Sit & Go Tournaments

Unlike Multi-Table Tournaments, Sit & Go Tournaments (SnGs) do not start at a pre-determined time. Instead they start as soon as the pre-determined number of players are seated.

The different types of Sit & Go's include:

  • Heads Up - one on one tournaments
  • 6-Max - six player tournaments
  • Regular - nine player tournaments
  • Knockout - earn bounties for the players you bust
  • MT 4-Max - three table tournaments, four players at each table
  • MT 6-Max - three table tournaments, six players at each table
You can view a complete list of available Sit & Go Tournaments in the SnG Lobby.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo Tournaments are available in both MTT and SnG formats, and they are identified by the highlighted lightening bolt on the left side of the lobby list. During these tournaments, blinds and levels increase much faster than regular tournaments. For example, instead of level increases every 12 minutes, the levels increase every 3 minutes.

Bounty Tournaments

Bounty Tournaments, also known as Knockout Tournaments, award players a bounty prize for knocking out other players. The amount of the bounties can be found in the tournament info box in the lobby. 

Our current Bounty Tournaments include the following MTTs:

  • Bounty Brawl
  • Bounty Chase
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bust the Staff!
  • Will Hunting
For bounty Sit & Go's, look for the Knockout SnG tournaments. 

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite Tournaments are qualifying multi-table tournaments where players are awarded ticket prizes that grant entry into bigger tournaments. We currently offer two kinds of satellites:

  • Freerolls
  • Satellites
Eligible tournaments that accept tickets are found in the MTT Lobby and identified by the ticket icon in the Buy-In column. 

Rebuy Tournaments

During Rebuy Tournaments, players have a chance to add the amount of starting chips again, for a fee, after losing all their chips (or dropping below a certain number of chips).

This is permitted during the rebuy period. The rebuy period varies based on the tournament and is identified in the tournament details. After the rebuy period has ended, players may get the opportunity to make an add-on. The add-on gives a player a one-time addition of chips, often for an amount greater than the starting chips.

Any add-ons or rebuys are added to the total prize pool of the tournament.

Shoot-Out Tournaments

Shoot-Out Tournaments don't use an automatic table balance. Instead, players stay at the same table until the table winner moves on to the final table. At the final table, the winner is determined as usual.

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed Tournaments are identified by the GTD in the prize pool column. These tournaments run throughout the day and feature what's called a guaranteed prize pool. This means that the prize pool won't ever be lower than the specified amount, regardless of the number of participants in the tournament.