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Tournament rules on Replay Poker

  • Seating is random.
  • Seat 1 has the button when the tournaments starts.
  • The tournament ends when there is one player left with all the chips. If the tournament is a satellite there might be more than 1 winner, if so, the tournament ends when the predetermined number of winners remain.
  • If players get eliminated in the same hand, the player with most chips at the time, will be placed higher. If the players have the same amount of chips, they will share the place and winnings.
  • Replay Poker uses the "forward moving button" rule, as a consequence players may receive the button two times in a row. After each hand the button is moved clockwise to the small blind.
  • When two players are left the button will post the small blind, and act first.
  • No shows are removed from the tournament after 3 blind levels and their buy-in is forfeited.
  • Disconnects.
    1. Replay Poker cannot accept responsibility for a player disconnecting from the game, except for a server crash.
    2. Disconnected players will automatically sit out. They will fold/check and post blinds and antes.
  • Unethical play, such as soft play, that is, failing to bet or raise in a situation that would normally merit it, to avoid costing another friend chips; whipsawing, where friends raise and re-raise each other to trap players in between; dumping, where a cheater will deliberately lose to a friend; and * signaling*, or trading information between friends via signals of some sort, will result in chip deduction, account suspension and/or cancellation.
  • Table balancing may occur during tournament play. Table balancing is random and may result in players posting the big blind two times in a row. When the same number of players as seats at the table remain in a tournament, these players are brought together to the final table.
  • Prizes will be awarded according to the details in the tournament lobby.
  • If a server crash occurs, each player's chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand.
  • Players and spectators are expected to use the chat feature in a polite manner.
  • Players that are still in the tournament may not discuss their hands until that hand is over. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities is not permitted.
  • Should there be any dispute between players, the outcome decided by Replay Poker staff will be final in all cases without exception.