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FL, PL, NL and ML betting limits

Fixed Limit (FL)

Fixed limit is the original, widely used betting structure of many poker games. It is still found in live games but is less common online.

In a Fixed Limit game, players are only allowed to bet a certain amount on a given street (Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, River). The number of raises per street is fixed, or capped, at four to limit the maximum possible number of bets on any street to five bets (one bet and four raises). Some games allow unlimited raising when just two players are left in the betting round.
In a Replay Poker 10/20 FL game, the small blind is 5 chips and the big blind is 10 chips. The standard bet sizes in Fixed Limit are one big blind before the flop and on the flop, then increments of two big blinds during the turn and river, always with a maximum of four raises allowed on any one street.
When a player does not have enough chips to raise a full bet amount, they are still allowed to go all-in. Depending on whether the raise is more or less than a half-sized bet, it may not count as a raise for that street.

Pot Limit (PL)

Many Omaha games are Pot Limit, which raises the tempo from FL games and allows players to make big bets on later streets while restricting early betting.

In a Replay Poker PL Omaha 10/20 game (also known as PLO), the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Any player wishing to open the betting may bet any amount between the big blind and the pot size. Once a player has bet, another player may raise up to the total amount already in the pot, plus the amount they need to call.

For example: If the pot is 130 at PL 10/20, Player A may bet between 20 and 130. If Player A bets 90, and Player B wishes to raise, their bet must be to at least 180 up to the total of 130+90+90, which is attributed to the pot before they raise, therefore they may bet any amount between 180 and 310.

No Limit (NL)

Most high stake tournaments are played as No Limit, which is recognised as the game where chips still in your stack can be as threatening as bets you have already made.

In a Replay Poker 10/20 NL game, the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Any player is allowed to bet all of their stack (in turn!) at any stage. This can make for a cat and mouse game where loose bets and calls can be exploited by opponents who might ask you to risk all of your stack when they raise. But you can reap rich rewards when you are patient and have the goods at the right time.

A player may bet all-in or raise to go all-in during a NL game. If you do not have enough for a full raise, including less than a big blind, you may still bet all your chips, except under circumstances where you have already had the opportunity to raise in that round of betting and either checked or called.
Mixed Limit (ML)

Mixed Limit games are derived from the Pot Limit and No Limit games and are designed to restrict pre-flop raising to keep the initial betting relatively low before the flop, but allow players to make all-in bets after they have seen a flop.

In a Replay Poker ML 10/20 game, the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Before the flop the betting is Pot Limit, so it may be possible to take a cheap look at a flop with some value cards. Post flop, the betting changes to No Limit and players may move all-in at any time.