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Ring games

A ring game is a poker game that you can join and leave at your leisure. You can join for a few hands on your lunch break, or you can spend a few hours hanging out on a table. They are the play chip equivalent of cash tables.

Listings of ring game tables are found in the Replay Poker ring game lobby. To view all the tables available use the filters provided. You are able to show just the game type(s) and stake you prefer. If you highlight the row of any table, you are able to see the buy-in range of the table (the minimum and maximum amount of chips you can bring to the table).

Ring games are different from tournaments because you use actual play chips from your balance to play instead of tournament chips . You do not need to register if there is an available seat or wait for a start time. The blind sizes do not change in a ring game like they do in tournaments, and you can leave the table at any time.

You are allowed to add chips to your stack (between hands) unless you already have more than the table maximum in front of you. The only way you can remove chips from a ring table is by leaving the table altogether. (This is also known as 'standing up').

Once you are playing in a ring game, you can be dealt in every hand and be asked to post blinds as the button moves around the table. If you need a break for a few minutes, but do not want to leave permanently, you can click on the 'Sit Out' option. This will hold your seat, but you will not post blinds or receive cards until you click the 'I'm Back ' option. If you missed a big blind while you were sitting out, (usually this will have happened when the button moved past you), you will be asked to post a big blind again before being dealt any cards. You can post the big blind or choose to wait for your seat to be in the big blind position before playing again. After 6 minutes of inactivity in a ring game, you will be removed from the table to free up your seat for other players.

When you leave a ring game you are able to join it again immediately. You can take a seat if a different one from the seat you left is available. You must always re-join with at least as many chips as you left with, even if you had above the advertised table maximum. We do not allow you to leave and deposit your winnings because it is unfair to the other players at the table. The way our system is set up, if you leave a table with more than your maximum buy-in, you will come back with that same amount of chips if you sit down at the same table within an hour of leaving. 

After an hour has passed, you will be able to join the same table using the standard buy-in amounts.

Ring games are a good way to steadily increase your balance if you are skilled enough to judge when you have won enough or the game is not favorable for you. Taking note of other players ' strategies is important, especially if you find you are playing with the same players for long periods and on different days. Sitting to the right of a habitual bluffer or to the left of a player who only plays strong cards will naturally help you play better in some situations. You will be able to make more informed decisions based on what those players have done during the hand. You should also remember to observe sensible bankroll management and not commit too many of your chips to a single table, unless you are willing to take the risk of busting out or having a significant drop in your stack size after a loss.

Replay currently offers the following ring games:

  • Texas Hold'em (No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and Mixed Limit )  
  • Omaha (No Limit and Pot Limit) 
  • Omaha Hi/Lo (No Limit and Pot Limit) 
  • Royal Hold'em (No Limit and Fixed Limit)